The Beginning

Over time, through meeting with some of the world’s most respected Korean martial artists, it became apparent there was a need within our community. That need was simply a platform – a platform that existed for the purpose of honoring those who have selflessly given to the advancement of the Korean martial arts and promote the advancement of its future. A Hall of Fame that was designed around integrity, ran with transparency, non-bias, and titles or positions could not be purchased. Thanks to our partners, in 2014 we successfully held our inaugural event in Canada. In 2017, at the inductee ceremony it was announced that ownership was changing hands. While the Hall of Fame’s vision remains the same, we are excited to raise the bar in an effort to establish this event as the most respected HOF in existence.

Annual Event

In 2015 the event was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in conjunction with the Tri-State Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, hosted by Grand Master Kenneth MacKenzie. In 2016 the event was held in Crestview, Florida, in conjunction with the Korean Martial Arts Festival, hosted by Chief Master Thomas Gordon.  In 2017 the event made it’s way back to Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, hosted again by the founder, Grand Master Rudy Timmerman.

The Changing Of The Guard

In 2017 Grand Master Rudy Timmerman announced his retirement from the KMAM - Hall Of Fame and relinquished the ownership and responsibilities to Grand Master Wil Widmeyer. Grand Master Rudy Timmerman was one of Grand Master Inn Shuk Pak first group of students when he arrived in the North America Continent, and Grand Master Wil Widmeyer was his last student before he suddenly passed away in Wil’s arms in Tennessee. Although there is a commonality with their late Grand Master the KMAM-HOF has no affiliation with any one organization and its nominee process. We pride ourselves in having an open policy that holds no bias with any martial arts organization. Our nomination process is open to all Korean Martial Artist.

The Process

We are independent. While we are open to any and all Korean martial arts, we are not affiliated with any other organizations. Therefore, we can ensure that we operate in an unbiased manner. Nobody will ever be able to buy their way in, nor will we ever charge an inductee for their induction. We sincerely encourage all Korean martial artists to become involved. If there is someone that you believe is deserving of such recognition, please do not hesitate to nominate them for candidacy. (The nomination deadline for 2018 has passed.) You may submit your candidate(s), and they will be examined by our ambassadors and past inductees for approval before moving forward in the process. Any candidate nominated by either an ambassador or past inductee is already seconded and will immediately be deemed eligible for voting. Once approved, all candidates that are seconded will be placed up for nomination where an open election process will determine the outcome. Once the candidate list is complete, this information will be publicized on our Facebook page where all comments will be closely monitored by the HOF’s ambassadors and past inductees. Once everyone has had the chance to express their thoughts voting will be conducted and the candidates will be contacted to secure their presence at the event. In order to be inducted, we do require the attendee to be present at the event. We understand that extenuating circumstances may arise which prevent one’s attendance, and we will work with candidates when needed. However, we genuinely believe that receiving this award in front of one’s friends, family, and community provides them with the recognition they deserve.

The Vision

Our vision is to assist in securing the future of Korean Martial Arts worldwide by being at the forefront of educating the world. We will be announcing a program at the 2018 event in Atlanta, Georgia. This program will be used to help new students that desire to learn but need assistance in order to do so. The Hall Of Fame will always be a support system for all martial artists throughout the year as well as bring recognition and honor to those who have been instrumental in the advancement of the Korean Martial Arts.


As previously mentioned, we do not charge a fee for induction. Induction must be earned. With that in mind, we are thankful to have obtained funding from dedicated individuals and sponsors that are an integral part of the HOF’s operation. These individuals and organizations believe in the integrity of our organization and have chosen to partner with us in an effort to honor these living legends that work tirelessly to secure the future of the Korean martial arts.

Help Us

As with anything, the more support we have, the more we can do. This can be done in multiple ways. Attending the event is not only the simplest but also the best way to honor the inductees. We find great satisfaction in providing these individuals with the largest and most supportive audience possible. However, if you would like to be more involved, we are always seeking ambassadors. In order for the Hall of Fame to operate without bias, ambassadors must remain objective in all they do. Anyone can apply to be an ambassador, but approval must be granted by the board and certain standards must be met.


We are always looking for people and organizations that believe in our vision and want to partner alongside us as we honor those that have given so much to the advancement of the Korean martial arts. At the 2018 Hall of Fame, we will be announcing several ways in which partnership can be achieved. We certainly need all of the help we can get in order to ensure the greatest impact possible. Though we don’t want to reveal too much at the moment, we can say that our plans for the future will have a great impact on our community’s youth and their desire to learn… Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. Otherwise, you can also support our vision by simply attending as a portion of all proceeds will be put toward this endeavor. We have so much that we aspire to complete, but we won’t succeed without the help of others. Help us rightfully bring honor to those most deserving and partner with us as we set out make this Hall of Fame the most respected and distinguished event in existence. We are setting a new standard – a standard that focuses on integrity and respect. Join us and partner alongside us as we set out to make a true difference in the martial arts industry, and help mold its future.
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